Clinics in Pantheo Eye Center!
Paediatric & Strabismus Clinic
Our paediatric clinic deals with a wide range of children’s eye problems including strabismuscongenital cataract and inherited ocular disorders. Screening for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) are planned and performed in this clinic. With the support of our orthoptic department and electrodiagnostic clinic it provides a full range of treatment and investigations for the children who visit our centre.
Glaucoma Clinic
Our glaucoma department is geared towards the screening and management of all types of glaucoma. This includes congenital glaucomaprimary open angle glaucoma angle closure glaucoma , and secondary glaucoma. Visual field testing and optic nerve OCT aids in the long term monitoring of patients. When conservative treatment fails or is inappropriate, Yag laser SLT and cyclodiode laser are available for the treatment of our patients.  Surgical treatments available include trabeculectomy, with and without mitomycin and valve surgery.
Myopia Clinic
Myopia is a very common condition that affects the lives of many people. Many forms of treatment are now available. It is important to understand the risks and benefits of each option. In the myopia clinic a detailed examination is performed and an experienced surgeon assesses the suitability of each patient to undergo corrective treatment for myopia.  Excimer and LASIK are used with Femto laser when appropriate.
Cornea Clinic

Our corneal clinic deals with difficult and complicated corneal pathology including keratoconuscorneal dystrophies and severe corneal infections. The planning and assessment of patients undergoing corneal transplantation is performed in this clinic. Amniotic membrane grafts are available and both full thickness (PKP) and partial thickness (DSEAK, DALK) corneal transplants performed.
Diabetic Clinic

Our diabetic clinic is dedicated to the treatment and assessment of diabeticretinopathy.  With the aid of OCT technology and fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA), patients are assessed for proliferative diabetic retinopathyclinically significant macular oedema, and tractional retinal detachments.  Panretinal Photocoagulation (PRP), Focal laser treatment including micropulse therapy is planned in this clinic.  The use of more invasive therapy such as avastin or lucentis(anti VGEF) or vitrectomy surgery is also organised and fully explained to the patient here.

Cataract Clinic

Our cataract assessment clinic is designed to pre operatively assess and correctly plan cataract removal on a patient guided basis. Topography ultrasound biometry and refractive Zeiss IOL master biometry is performed on every patient. Dilated fundoscopy for correct macular assessment is performed by the operating surgeon. Full details and anaesthetic planning are given to the patient including a tour of the operating department so as to alleviate any pre operative stress.  Premium multifocalimplants are offered if appropriate and refractive options explained.

 Retina & Macula Clinic

In this clinic the assessment of retinal and macular disorders are performed with the aid of OCT technology. Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) and indocyanine green angiography (ICG) is performed when indicated. The assessment of macular degeneration AMD ) and planning of treatment for wet AMD using photodynamic therapy ( PDT ), lucentis therapy or avastin therapy ( anti VEGF ) is planned in this clinic. Follow up of patients having received such treatment is also performed.