Eye-opener for five students in London

Five of University of Nicosia Medical students travelled to London last June to participate in a number of events related to the specialty of Ophthalmology.  Following a competitive entry, the students were invited to present their posters at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) for the annual Ophthalmology section competition that was held on 14 June 2018.  The students exhibited three posters of unique cases of patients that they were involved with at Pantheo Eye Centre in Limassol, Cyprus. The five students are: Afreshdeep Sandhu, Victoria Mumford, Rahama John, Catriona Walker and Mohammed Durani.

During their stay in London, they also had the opportunity to visit the Royal College of Ophthalmology. They received a guided-tour by Professor Keeler who walked them through all the famous exhibits at the College’s museum.

Finally, the students gave oral presentations of their case reports at the North of London Clinical Governance meeting held at the Royal Free Hospital on 15 June 2018.

MBBS student Catriona Walker recollected: ‘Being selected to present our poster at the RSM Meeting for Medical Students and Trainees was such a great opportunity not only to represent the Medical School but also to meet other medical students and Foundation doctors based in the UK. It was an excellent experience to be part of the meeting and hear about some of the future advances in the field of Ophthalmology.

We gave oral presentations of our case reports at the North of London Clinical Governance Meeting at the Royal Free Hospital – what a special opportunity this was indeed!  This was a great experience for us to share our case reports and to practise our presentation skills.  Our audience consisted of consultants, ophthalmology and GP trainees, research fellows, and Foundation doctors who in turn presented their own case reports and audits.  This served as a great eye-opener into what we will be doing once we graduate and start our careers’.


MBBS student Victoria Mumford added: ‘It was such an honour to be invited to so many fantastic events in London. This was all thanks to the Pantheo Eye Centre for kindly guiding us and letting us work on their case studies. It has truly been enlightening to meet so many kind, hard-working people. Everyone I met shared one thing in common, their love and dedication to their patients.

March 3, 2019 Education
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