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The Pantheo Foundation is a charitable organization which was founded in 2015 under the Pantheo Eye Center in Limassol, Cyprus by the Director Dr. Theodoros Potamitis.

Our main goal is to support through funding and training medical professionals ranging from medical doctors in various specialties, nurses, microbiologists and laboratory technicians from developing countries.

The Idea was to help educate and train the students and in turn they have to serve in communities which are deprived of health services in their respective regions for at least five years. These students will have to display a deep sense of willingness to serve their communities and also will have to sign a contract promising to fulfill this goal. The Foundation provides a full scholarship to the students including tuition fees, housing and living expenses in institutions in different parts of the world. Additionally, we also provide them with continuous medical training in various fields whenever possible…

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The Mission of the Pantheo Foundation 

Our primary aim is the education of medical and paramedical personnel for developing countries by providing teaching, guidance and financial assistance.
Since many good charitable organizations exist that financially support numerous health based projects in the developing world, our goal is not only to provide funds, but something far more valuable: trained personnel. With the introduction of each doctor, nurse, biochemist or other allied medical professional into deprived areas, the lives of those benefiting from their knowledge and services will be positively altered for many years to come.
Furthermore our aim is for these individuals to pass on their knowledge to others and thus escalate their impact.


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